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Web Design and Marketing for Local Businesses

A website is a company's front door to the entire world, which is why getting the design right is vitally important. This site contains a range of resources that can help anyone understand good web design principles and apply them to their next website project. It also includes the tools required for local businesses to promote themselves to their potential customers.

Web Design Tips

More and more people are actually browsing the web on the go using mobile phones or tablets. That's why this website is packed full of design advice for mobile-friendly websites, explaining how designers can build a successful site that looks good on any device, no matter how large or small the screen is. It also contains information about popular web design trends and how to make the best use of imagery on a website.

Local Business Marketing

Once a website has been built, the next step is to make sure that all the right people know about it. This can be a particular challenge for small, local businesses that may have limited advertising budgets. However, digital advertising tools such as search ads and social media advertising have made it easier than ever before for small companies with limited budgets to target their ads in a highly effective manner and make sure that they engage the right people. This website is full of tips to help newcomers to the world of online business advertising get started.